Saturday, January 16, 2010

of busy work schedules, family time, bone chilling winters and some celebrating....!!!

its been quite a while either me or the husband has posted here...the reasons being many...i for one have my own blog and two other blogs..and i write quite frequently, but here mostly i write about our life together...and i have been busy with lots of other stuff , which is not related to this u guys can track my life on those!!!..
the husband on the other hand was busy with work.......he had winter vacations coming and before that there was lots of stuff to tie up at work, so he was in no frame of mind to post...
plus we are having lots of family over during the holiday season, first it was my sis-in-law with her kids , then my in laws joined us!!...and after she n her kids left, we managed to convince our in-laws to extend their stay...its always nice having them over here!!!
plus the horrible winters in Delhi this time, it was really really bone chilling, the only thing missing was snow...and I'm sure by 2-3 years, if the climatic change continues we'll have that too in Delhi!!!
in midst of all this, we ushered in the new year with lots of cakes n good food and celebrated my mum-in-law's birthday and my husband's birthday all in the month of January!!!!
all in all, quite a hectic social start to the new year!!

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Haddock said...

Thats a lot of Birthdays in Jan (including mine)