Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Benefits of Red Wine ~ a surgeon’s viewpoint

As a surgeon, lot of people keep asking me whether wine is good or bad for the heart. Well, my instant reply is – Depends on how much of it you are consuming J
Research shows that Moderate Consumption of wine (i.e. 5-US-fluid-ounce (150 ml) glass of wine per day for women and two glasses per day for men) is beneficial to health in terms of longevity and heart health. But by that, as a surgeon, I am not advocating wine consumption, rather, I’m advising ‘moderate consumption’ of wine.
Personally, I prefer to have red wine as it is known to have resveratrol, a substance known to be good for heart health. Also, I prefer to have Indian wines. Four Seasons Merlot is one of the good options in red wine that I have consumed in recent times.
So, to sum up a surgeon’s viewpoint – Have red wine and if you are from India, stick to Indian brands.

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Medical Certificates

Issuing medical certificates is the one job which I hate the most and being in the government hospital,   I encounter these every week
Government offices , school, college have an unwritten rule of  accepting only government hospital issued medical certificates, even though the person has received treatment at private hospitals.  
There many types of people requesting medical certificates. First  are the people requesting for fake medical certificates. Government of India allows 7 fullpaid and 7 half paid medical leaves which when not utilized are carried forward. They will  shamelessly  ask for medical certificates stating that they are not ill but have some work. When denied their facial expression suggest that you are high headed  and have  no business  to deny them medical leave which is their right.
Second are students who have missed their school or college and to make up their attendance they need medical certificates. Some of them have been treated by others and some candidly admit that they were on vacation or were attending marriage.
Then there are ones who are medically fit to join their duties after their illness but they think otherwise and want to extend the medical rest period.
Most dangerous one are those who want to skip a court date and most of the time they will use other pretext for this.
Then there are ones who who want a medical fitness certificate for joining job, school, or even going for amaranth yatraa and most of them want in absentia without getting examined.
How to refuse?  Simple keep saying no and eventually you will develop a reputation of a non cooperating doctor and people will stop coming to you and you have to refuse less number.
Have I given a medical certificate when it is not required? Yes I have, sometimes it is difficult to refuse.