Sunday, September 16, 2012

Quit Smoking

Today I was  talking to a patient who was operated for carcinoma(or Cancer) of urinary bladder about a year back but required to be operated again for a complication (strangulated parasternal hernia). He had a bad chest infection which was contributed by smoking. Smoking is one of the cause of bladder cancer and I clearly remember telling him to stop. I was upset and asked him the reason for continuing to smoke. To this he replied that as the cancer is removed by operation so he thought he can smoke again. I was amused by his answer. 
One is so addicted to nicotine that one is ready to suffer the consequences rather than leave smoking.

As a Doctor and surgeon I come across  many patients whom I advice to stop smoking. Only few really do. Smokers are in a denial mode. Quite a few of them will say that they have quit smoking. When one ask them for how long, then for many the answer will be for only a few days. Smoking increases the risk during operation and we advice them to avoid smoking atleast a week before surgery. I have cancelled surgery for quite a number of patients on finding them smoking in corridors of the hospital.
One of my Professors used to get very upset about tobacco. Significant disfigurement is caused in operation for oral cancer. When patient raise their concerns regarding that he used to put the blame in straight words on them for consuming tobacoo.
Smokers should pray that if they are to have problem then it's better be a heart attack. Atleast they would not suffer. Cancers, ischemia of limb are far worse. These cause prolonged sufferings.

Better quit tobacco!!